January 2014 - White Dove Weaving Centre
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January 2014 - White Dove Weaving Centre

January 2014 - White Dove Weaving CentreJanuary 3, 2014

White Dove Weaving Centre - Follow us on Facebook The 6 women are being trained by 2 skilled teachers and today!. Three of the women received bicycles as their homes are many miles away from the centre. Project coordinated by Ban Ven, A Mine Free World Foundation and Banyan Learning Tree.

First Students @ White Dove Weaving CentreDay 1: Today, hand-loom weaving began at the WHITE DOVE WEAVING CENTRE in rural Takeo, Cambodia. View Day 1 photos on Picasa

The centre and its programs are funded by the Round Square 2013 Adult Leadership Training Team who came and built the centre in December 2013! The centre is presently training 6 rural women to weave traditional Khmer cotton scarves (Kroma)
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In this VIDEO taken on Day 1 watch the 6 women spinning the cotton onto small spindles, which are then wound onto a Day 1 of set up at the Weaving Centrepegged loom where the weft is prepared (long strands running up and down). The weft is then rolled onto a board, and then each stand is 'picked' through a large metal comb. It was fascinating to see how natural palm fronds and bamboo are used in this time-honored skill. You can also see the looms being set up! (View Video)

DAY 2: On a day trip from Phnom Penh, Round Square team member Sam Morley, family and friend visit the WHITE DOVE WEAVING CENTRE in rural Takeo. We were so excited to see that the women have progressed from winding the cotton to actually weaving on the big looms!

New glass cabinet, shelves, women with new glasses!

We also saw the new glass cabinet, shelves, bulletin board and landfill! Three of the women needed glasses (they were having trouble seeing the threads), so coordinator Ban Ven, Sam and Lisa arranged a tuk tuk and they were taken to the Takeo Eye Clinic. There they received a free eye test and glasses bought with funding from the RS team member funds. In the picture to the left, Program Coordinator, Ban Ven is wearing a scarf produced by the women!

White Dove Weaving Centre - Day 3Sam and family also enjoyed a visit to the Brighter Beginnings School, Family Care Centre Sewing and Craft projects, lunch at Steung Takeo and then the family sailed away into the lovely canal.
VIEW photos of their visit!

Day 3: It's only been 3 days since the 6 rural women in Takeo have begun their hand loom weaving lessons and already the first 2 scarves are being woven. Under instruction by master weaver, Sokhum, the women are not only being well guided in their new skill, but she inspires them and instils confidence in the women. VIEW VIDEO

February 2014 - Many scarves have been successfully produced and the well has been installed!

White Dove Weaving Centre - Day 3

Many Thanks to the 2013 RS Adult Leadership Training Team for funding and building this centre which will provide a traditional self-sustainable skill to local women.

White Dove Weaving Centre

UPDATE: February 2015 - Pauline and Lisa visited Dove Weaving Centre with Barbara Seagram and Leslie Cadeau from Toronto.

Our weavers are creating beautiful fine scarves in pure cotton.

The Centre teaches rural Cambodian women the art of hand loom weaving and provides them with a self-sustainable income.

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