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A Mine Free World FoundationA Mine Free World Foundation (AMFWF)
A Mine Free World Foundation facilitated the funding for the construction of all three schools and 2 libraries. It also facilitates the funding for all the outreach projects for landmine survivors.

Patti Lee, Barbara Seagram and their Bridge Clubs from Toronto and areaPatti Lee & Barbara Seagram and the their Bridge Clubs from Toronto, ON and area
Patti Lee & Barbara Seagram travelled to Cambodia in 2011 and again in 2012 for the opening of a wonderful new School: Banyan Learning Tree, outside Phnom Penh (VIEW PICTURES). They also visited a Library that their fundraising built at a School in Bakot Village and visited a school in Prokeab Village. These are two other schools in the Banyan Learning Tree family that are located two hours outside Phnom Penh in remote, very poor rural areas in the province of Takeo. In addition to the building of the one School and library, Barbara and Patti also provided much of the furniture, equipment and supplies for these three schools, as well as our Outpost School (located in Toul Sambo) and also supplied one school with electricity! They along with the fundraising done at bridge events held Toronto and Chatham, ON. maintain the operation of these four schools.

Our interest in the School all began with a fundraising project that already existed. The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst was accepting donations for the purchase of bicycles in Cambodia for children who would otherwise be unable to get to School due to distance. When we told everyone about this, our bridge community purchased 40 bikes. 27 of these were presented to the children on our Bridge Trip to Vietnam & Cambodia in Feb 2011.

Canadian Landmine FoundationCanadian Landmine Foundation
Providing financial support for our programs, and various building projects.

The Etobicoke Rotary Club - District 7070
The Etobicoke Rotary Club - District 7070 have supported AMFW Foundation for many years with their "Night of a Thousand Chopsticks" event. The proceeds enable future help for landmine-affected families in Cambodia - particularly those that are living in the rural areas in huts that are less than adequate and pose a risk to these families' health and well-being. The Night of 1000 Chopsticks is a unique, fun and interesting fundraiser to support the demining efforts in Cambodia. Landmine eradication has a GREAT Canadian history, and Rotary has long been a part of it too. It is simply too important to ignore, as these mines laid years ago are still killing and maiming.
They also sponsored Thyda for Seamstress course @ Battambang Rotary Women's Centre and a six-day workshop on Chicken Rearing and Agriculture, held in September 2012 for 5 landmine survivors.

Dental Hygiene for Cambodian Children - Dr. Khom Pisal

Jay and Linda Harrison of Gravenhurst

  • Supplied funding for a water tank, cow and chicken for landmine affected family with 4 disabled children View more information
  • 2012 - Support with 7th Annual GIANT Garage Sale
  • 2011 - Support with 6th Annual GIANT Garage Sale

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A Mine Free World Foundation
A Mine Free World Foundation
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