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Patti Lee, Barbara Seagram and their Bridge Clubs from Toronto and areaPatti Lee, Barbara Seagram and Their Bridge Clubs from Toronto, ON and area
They along with the fundraising done at bridge events held Toronto and Chatham, ON. maintain the operation of these schools by providing much of the furniture, equipment and supplies for these three schools and also supplied one school with electricity.

  • 2011 - Rebuilding of the new, larger two-storey Banyan Learning Tree on the outskirts of Phenom Penh, that will provide free education for 100 students
  • 2011 - Building of Library at the Happy Gecko BLT School, Bakot
  • 2011 - 40 bicyles for children at Banyan Learning Tree school on the outskirts of Phnom Penh

Round SquareRound Square International Service (RSIS)
The only Projects that Round Square itself organises each year are the "Round Square International Service" (RSIS) Projects which bring together students from all over the world, to work as a truly international team to provide much-needed assistance to disadvantaged communities.

Each project team is made up of an experienced adult Leadership Team and 15-20 young people from around the world. These young workers come together with their own cultural lenses and must quickly learn to work as a team to get the task done. The service element of each trip usually lasts for 2 to 3 weeks, and the work done by these groups is humble, of real local value, and physically hard. It provides a win-win situation whereby the locals receive much-needed assistance and the young workers learn about themselves, about others and most importantly, that they are needed. After the service element is finished, students then go on a cultural tour to see more of the country they are in. The project the volunteers return to their school communities changed and often eager to apply what they have learned to their local community.

  • 2013 - Building the White Dove Weaving Centre by the Leaders in Training Group (Also supplied the funds for the looms, supplies and teachers for the first 3-month weaving course)
  • 2012 - Building a Family Care Centre at the Banyan Learning Tree Brighter Beginnings School site (the school that the RoundSquare team built in December 2011) in Prokeab, Takeo province
  • 2011 - Building of Brighter Beginnings School (Student Team), Prokeab
  • 2011 - Building of Happy Gecko School (Adult Team), Bakot
  • 2011 - 2011 RSIS Final Report

Canadian Landmine FoundationCanadian Landmine Foundation
Providing financial support for our programs, and various building projects.

  • 2012 - New home for landmine affected parents and their 3 disabled sons and daughter View more information
  • 2012 - Seamstress Business, sponsorship of Kheng Herng, Battambang province View more information
  • 2012 - 10 landmine affected families received breed calves, chickens and new homes View more information
  • 2012 - New homes for 9 landmine affected families in Battambang province and 5 in the areas surrounding the Killing Fields near Phnom Penh have now completed rebuilding their homes View more information
  • 2012 - 2 Families received Bike Repairing businesses, 4 Familys received Chicken-Rearing businesses in Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh View Report
  • 2012 - New home for Ron Phea View Photos
  • 2010 - 14 students receive two years of educational support in the form of meals, school fees and other educational needs ( Monitored by Cambodian Red Cross volunteers Miss Ben Sida and Mr. Leoung Deun ) View more information about the students

Citizens of Muskoka, Ontario Canada
  • 2011 - Well and Latrine Construction, Bakot Village View Photo Gallery
  • 2011 - Well and Latrine Construction, Prokeab View Photo Gallery
  • 2009 - The Muskoka School (A 6-room rural school funded by the Citizens and Rotary Clubs of Muskoka)

Rotary ClubsRotary Clubs of Washago & Area-Centennial, District 7010
  • 2012 - Building of Water tower and tank at student Prokeab building site
  • 2012 - 22 bicycles for the rural students in Koas Krala district, Battambang province, Cambodia

Rotary Club of Gravenhurst District 7070
  • 2013 - GIANT Garage Sale - Proceeds to provide 'Rotary Wheels for Learning' bicycles to Banyan Learning Tree's Tuol Sambo students as well as other rural students in several locations in Cambodia
  • 2012 - Support with the 7th Annual GIANT Garage Sale
  • 2011 - Support with the 6th Annual GIANT Garage Sale
  • Multiple year donations -

The Etobicoke Rotary Club

Embracelets©Embracelets© and Embracelets© for Books
Embracelets© ( is a program of Banyan Learning Tree – a registered organization in Cambodia. In Canada, 'Embracelets for Books'© a copyrighted and registered program of A Mine Free World Foundation.Table of crafts
The program is run by Socheat Chea, Director at Banyan Learning Tree, Takeo, and takes place at the new Banyan Learning Tree Family Care Centre (Constructed by the Round Square students in 2012) in Prokeab village, Takeo.

Funds from the items sold, go towards purchasing craft supplies and every year, girls and women enrolled in the program receive educational support items, such as bicycles for themselves or their children, school supplies, school uniforms, school courses, etc. Not only does the program provide this valuable educational support, it provides the girls a chance to get together, have some fun and explore their creativity.

The Embracelets© Educational Support Program for rural women and girls was created with the passionate help of Dan Blix of Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. Even though he has passed away, August 2012, his big heart and love for the children and disadvantaged in Cambodia continues and will be remembered always.
Rotary Club of Granvenhurst - Volunteers @ GIANT Garage Sale

  • September 2013
    Thanks to ALL who attended the presentation by Lisa held September 9th at Daphne's Drop In (, for their support (...and purchases totalling $83.95) of Embracelets© coasters, handwoven pillowcases, Kampot pepper pots, woven purses and wallets at this event!

  • July 2013
    Thanks to ALL who attended the Rotary Club of Granvenhurst GIANT Garage Sale held July 6 & 7th, for their support (...and purchases totalling $129.25) of Embracelets©, palm-woven placemats and coasters, handwoven pillowcases and woven purses and wallets at this event!

  • June 2013
    Thanks to ALL who attended the Seminar and Bridge Game Cambodian Fundraiser, June 14, 2013 held at the Habonim Synagogue in Toronto, for their support and purchases of Vanna's Dance books, Embracelets©, palm-woven placemats and coasters, handwoven pillowcases and woven purses and wallets at this event!

  • April 2013
    Rotarian and A Mine Free World Foundation Executive Director, Lisa McCoy is back in Canada and busy taking all these wonderful crafts to presentations to raise more funds for eduational support for the girls and women in Takeo. A BIG round of Thanks to the Rotarians from Rotary Club of Gravenhurst and Members of the Rotary Club of Haliburton for their support and purchases of Embracelets©, during Lisa's presentations. Women Make Forms and Weave Unique Pillow Covers There has been lots of activity over the past several months in Cambodia as eight Embracelet students enjoy creativity in a unique program in rural, Takeo province, Cambodia. The eight female participants, young and old, get together twice a month and create a multitude of village crafts including, handwoven bracelets, palm-woven placemats and coasters, handwoven pillowcases and woven purses and wallets.

  • December 2012
    Local women from the Embracelets program spent time teaching the RoundSquare students, who were building a Family Care Centre Building at the Banyan Learning Tree Brighter Beginnings School site in Prokeab, Takeo.

  • March 2011
    The Trapeang Thum village women who learned to weave bracelets last month took supplies home with them and we visited again this week to collect their work and pay them a small stipend from the funds Lisa had raised for the Embracelet Project by selling Cambodian scarves in Canada. These wonderful bracelets, necklaces and key rings will be taken to Canada and Australia to be sold and the money will return to Cambodia to these village women for new projects and educational support for their children.

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