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About Us
July 2016 - BLT - Battambang - Phnom Sampov

In March 2015, this school was built as a result of a generous donation from HTS Engineering in Toronto, Canada which also will conduct outreach programs for landmine survivors.

Moving forward, it has now become one of our Banyan Learning Tree school group, supported by the fundraising efforts of Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee and the generosity of their bridge club members!

In February 2016, a Rotary Wheels for Learning Team arrived to provide 50 area children with bicycles to attend this new school.

Building project conducted by A Mine Free World Team members Srey Own, her brother Voeun and Lisa McCoy - A Mine Free World - www.aminefreeworld.org.

Chan Teap School - Takeo
Our newest school, including a well and toilets was completed in October 2015.

It was built with the proceeds from the sale of the BLT building in Phnom Penh (in December 2011, Barbara Seagram, Patti Lee and their Bridge Group from Toronto, Ontario raised enough funds to rebuild a new, larger two-storey school).

Banyan Learning Tree (BLT)

...is a local Non-Profit, Non-Political and Non-Prejudical Organization, established in June 2010; Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

BLT provides educational, vocational and occupational support to landmine-affected families.

Presently, BLT conducts free Basic English Classes, Computer Training, EmbraceletŠ Weaving, School Supplies Support, Small Businesses for Landmine Survivors and other support as deemed necessary.

BLT has one Sub-Office in Tramkok District, Takeo Province, and soon one more Sub-Office will be setup in Ksach Kandal District, Kandal Province.

In 2014, there will be one more sub-office in Svay Rieng Province. All of these locations will provide education to children and landmine survivor support.

July 2015
The BLT building in Phnom Penh has been sold. The proceeds are being used in the construction of our NEW SCHOOL which has commenced in Takeo, with landfill, well and toilets almost completed!

August 2013 - BLT village house - Volunteer Accommodations
Room for Volunteers

Accommodation is available at our village house in Takeo, for volunteers interested in experiencing village life while teaching in the schools or helping with village outreach work. Nothing like feeling at 'home' after a great day of volunteering!

New House for BLT
November 2012 - BLT Village House

We now have our own house in the village. Socheat & Phearom are living here and there is VERY comfortable accommodations available for volunteers!

Our History

March 2012 - December 2011 - Fundraising efforts from Barbara Seagram, Pattie Lee and their Bridge Groups from Toronto, enable the rebuilding of this school on the outskirts of Phnom Penh into a new, larger two-storey school that will provide free education for the now 100 students who eagerly attend that school. View Photos

Feb 2010 - Our school, Banyan Learning Tree, is progressing slowly - all going well we will be ready to open in 4 weeks. Lisa is working diligently on getting approvals. The children attending the school are currently learning in a makeshift bamboo classroom, with very limited space and only one small outside latrine. These children happily arrive daily for their lessons in this very cramped space, we look forward to the time we can provide them with new classrooms.

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