Joan Gough-Watson, Australian Volunteer
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Jan Gough-Watson
Jan Gough-Watson back to share her vast experience

20160310: Jan Gough-Watson back to share her vast experience!!

It's been wonderful to have Jan Gough-Watson back to share her vast experience training our teacher Chamroeun at Tuol Sambo.

Phon Chamroeun, director and teacher at BLT, attended a 3 day training course with Bel Cambodia in Phnom Penh. He will share his new knowledge with the teachers at the 3 Takeo schools.

The students and teachers are doing well with the Bel Cambodia curriculum that was introduced by Andrea James last October.

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October 2013

A big thank you to Jan Gough-Watson who has arrived from Australia for a SECOND time to volunteer at the Banyan Learning Tree schools.

During the week, she taught with Chamroeun at Tuol Sambo.

Jan also set up the power point programs with Chamnap back in Phnom Penh.

On one day, when the rain was pouring down and school had to be cancelled, she held a teacher workshop for three teachers to train them with new skills.

On her last visit (November 2012) Jan donated a projector to the school and has demonstrated the use of power-point presentations to teachers Chamnap and Chamroen.

Her cousin, Barbara Seagram from Toronto, Patti Lee and Bridge players from across Ontario, Canada raised the funds to build this school, a library in another province and they provide the funds needed to run all three Banyan Learning Tree Schools.

Banyan Learning Tree Schools in Takeo and here in Phnom Penh provide on-site accommodation for volunteers.

We welcome volunteers as not only the students but the teachers also benefit from working with a native English speaker to help with their pronounciation.

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