June 2013 - Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee - Fundraiser Seminar - Bridge Game
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June 2013 - Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee - Fundraiser Seminar - Bridge Game

June 2013

Both Banyan Learning Tree Schools and A Mine Free World Foundation would like to THANK EVERYONE who attended the June 14 Fundraiser held at the Habonim Synagogue in Toronto.

Our silent auction was popular and your donations were generous beyond belief. As a result, we have now raised $15,342.00 for our Cambodia programme and we are thrilled beyond belief. We cannot say enough thank you's to all of you for your support throughout. Some of you were present; some of you supported the cause without being there. It is because of all of you that these four schools in Cambodia are now a thriving reality and we know that we will be able to sustain the schools for the next several years. It costs approximately $10,500.00 a year to sustain these schools (paying teachers and librarians and their assistants, providing electricity, providing textbooks and uniforms free of charge to the children and so many other costs).

Chris Seagram, (Barbara's son...who specializes in Event Marketing and also does event photography) has captured some of the fun of the day.

A very special thank you to Enid Roitman who worked tirelessly organizing registration and handling the silent auction proceeds. Enid is an amazing volunteer who always goes the extra mile to help others at all times.

Thank you to Habonim Synagogue for donating the space for our fundraiser last Friday. We are so grateful to them for always being generous in their efforts.

Samantha Reid donated many, many items to the silent auction. Thank you to Sam and to so many who generously donated their time or items to the auction. We had 104 wonderful things to bid on, if you can believe it!

Lisa McCoy, Maria Van Santen and Stephanie Breed were all in attendance. (See Photos). Maria founded A Mine Free World and has authored a children's book called Vanna's Dance ($10.00) . Proceeds of the book go to A Mine Free World. Maria is President of this organization. Stephanie does the wonderful websites for Banyan Learning Tree Schools and Lisa is the amazing one who goes to Cambodia for six months a year and makes everything happen. She takes charge of all projects and oversees all the funding and expenditures. There is another wonderful volunteer, Pauline Johns, who lives in Australia, who spends six months a year also in Cambodia. It is thanks to Lisa and Pauline that we can be sure that everything is running smoothly. Imagine dedicating 6 months per year in a foreign country away from home and family, committed to this wonderful but tiring work. Lisa and Pauline pay their own air, accommodation and meals while working in Cambodia. Maria and Stephanie are wonderful volunteers, working here in Ontario for the cause.

Other Events: On July 6th and 7th, there will be an Annual Garage Sale in Gravenhurst which will raise money to buy bicycles for children in Cambodia, who would otherwise have to walk 10 km to get to school. Last year, the proceeds of the garage sale were used to purchase 1231 family-sized mosquito nets (SO important to aid in the prevention of malaria) and 2 tons of rice. The Garage Sale will be held at the Gravenhurst Seniors Centre from 8 am - 4 pm on those dates.
UPDATE: 20130711 - Rotary Club of Gravenhurst - Giant Garage Sale a SUCCESS!
Just over $3,000 was raised! This will enable the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst's 'Rotary Wheels for Learning' program to give bicycles to Banyan Learning Tree's Tuol Sambo students as well as other rural students in several locations in Cambodia. The Giant Garage Sale also raised $129.25 for the Embracelets program that Socheat runs at the Takeo school.

Thank you, one and all, for caring enough to be involved in our fundraising efforts and for your enormous generosity. The children of Cambodia thank you also. Don't forget to check out the photos located on www.aminefreeworld.org

Sincere best wishes and thanks from us both,
Barbara Seagram & Patti Lee

THANK YOU to ALL of Our Silent Auction Sponsors

2 Ballet Tickets
Donated by: Patti Lee
Gift Certificate to Salon Allure
Donated by: Joe @ Salon Allure
Bridge Game with Josee Hammill
Donated by: Josee Hammill
Gift Certificate to Henry VIII Ale House
Donated by: Henry VIII Ale House
Gift Certificate to Chutney's Indian Cuisine
Donated by: Chutneys Indian Cuisine
Faceted Black Onyx Necklace by Sue Jaffe, Zip-It-Up bag by Romika
Donated by: Sue Jaffe
4 Pairs of Earrings, Amber Necklace & Bracelet
Donated by: Patti Lee
Gift Certificate to Kingsway Fish & Chips
Donated by: Kingsway Fish & Chips
Thomas Collectorsí Radio, Tonka Helicopter, Tonka Bulldozer, 3 20-pce Dish Sets, Post Box Penny Bank, Set of 4 Wine Glasses, Porcelain Owl, Furby, 2 prs of Pajamas (boys 6-6x), Cookbook, 2 Figurine (ladies), Electric Teakettle, 12-cup Electric Coffeemaker - Donated by: Samantha Reid
Bridge Game with Wayne Ruttan
Donated by: Wayne Ruttan
Bridge Game with Lee Daugharty
Donated by: Lee Daugharty
Bridge Game with Alex Kornel
Donated by: Alex Kornel
Bridge Game with Barbara Seagram
Donated by: Barbara Seagram
Tory Burch Black Leather Pen Case, Hess Toy Truck 1995 Collectible, with Helicopter - Donated by: Bernie Wadsworth2 Childrens' Creative Fun with Magnets (Imaginetics), 2 Sea Horse Sticky Mosaics - Donated by: Mastermind
Digital Camera
Donated by: Staples
Gift Certificate to Romi's Ristorante
Donated by: Romiís Ristorante
Car wash tickets
Donated by: Roz Stollery
Mikasa mini vase
Donated by: Enid Roitman
Book of 6 Car wash tickets @ Bayview Car Wash
Donated by: Roslyn Stollery
Small pottery bowl by Jim Shack (Norma's son)
Donated by: Norma Shack
Cargo packing bag set by Lug, Large Back pack
Donated by: Lug
Painting by professional artist: Ann Katz
Donated by: Ann Katz
Cook Book: In the Heat of the Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay, Wild Weed Cook Book: Janni Kyritsis, 2 Candle holders, Large soap, sanitizer & hand lotion for your powder room - Donated by: Sue Jaffe4 Tarot Psychic Readings with Maria (www.sunflowertarot.com)
Donated by: Maria Van Santen
Game with Peter Brand
Donated by: Peter Brand
Gift bag
Donated by: Tim Horton's
Pair of Alegria ladies shoes Size 37
Donated by: Marilyn Nathan
2 Panasonic shavera for men
Donated by: Chris Seagram
13 Pashmina's, Navy blue pashmina, Set of card coasters (porcelain), Sagrado figurine of an angel, Purse organizer pouch, Three piece chenille scarf, hat & gloves (off-white), Wine stopper (Pottery Barn), Pottery multi-purpose dish from Blue Ridge Mountains, Pottery bowl with spreader from Blue Ridge Mountains, Pottery Trivet, Set of assorted sizes of bamboo cutting boards, Danier change purse, Hand carved mask from Africa, Cutting board: Authentic piece of restored Bluenose II, Hand-hooked trivet with lobster motif from Lunenberg, NS, Glass paper weight from Blue Ridge Mountains, Miniature enamel teapot: genuine numbered Kelvin Chan, Polo shirt by Ralph Lauren: Genuine knock-off, Salt & Pepper design shakers, Bone ring from Africa, 2 Bone Rings from Africa, Bone bracelet & ring from Africa, Hand-crafted wooden box from Africa with 2 decorative spoons, 2 bridge books: 25 ways to compete & 25 More Bridge Conventions, Declarer Play @ Bridge: A quizbook & software: Planning play of hand, 2 bridge books: 25 Ways to be a Better Defender & 25 Conventions - Donated by: Barbara Seagram
Donated by: Patti Lee
Pearls (Majorca), Watch
Donated by: Quality Jewellers
Gift Bag
Donated by: Starbucks
4 Bridge Books: Kantar, Root, Seagram
Donated by: Pamela Smith

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