Weaving Centre and Toilet to be Built
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Weaving Centre and Toilet to be Built
Weaving Centre and Toilet to be builtMay 12, 2013

RSIS Cambodia Project Project Report - May 2013 In 2011, their first Leader Training Project, which was designed to offer team members a 2-day workshop on Project Planning, Leadership and Safety; combined with a 10-day Project during which team members could put all their newly learned skills into practice, and get more experience of developing world service work.

All the candidates were put into leadership teams, having to lead a day each of the trip.

They had to brief the team, prepare risk assessments, run the whole day and run the de-brief session each evening.

On this project... The Banyan Learning Tree Weaving Centre will be built at the old "Big Love School" site not far from Banyan Learning Tree School, consisting of a 6m x 8m brick and cement one-room building with metal roof, having one door and 8 windows. It will also include a one-stall toilet building with a metal roof.
Land site for Banyan Learning Tree Weaving Centre
The present bamboo, wood and metal roof construction will be taken down and these materials will be used to provide housing for a local poor family.

Lot LayoutLandfill is needed to level the land before construction and cannot be done during the rainy season. It will be done in October/early November 2013, when the worst of the rainy season is over. The site already has a well.

Toilet CompletedUPDATE: 20130820
Our 'Own' (aka Nouv Saroeun), will be the 24/7 local guide with the RS group in December! Own is VERY excited to be involved!

UPDATE: 20131017:
Landfill and toilet construction to begin!

UPDATE: 20131031:
Construction of the one-stall toilet building has been completed!

UPDATE: 20131107:
The landfill process has been completed! Building materials too have now been salvaged from the old Big Love School!

UPDATE: 20131201:
So exciting! The site for the weaving centre, to train village women, is ready and waiting for the arrival of the RoundSquare team (www.roundsquare.org) to begin construction. Lisa McCoy and Noun Phearom make the final preparations.Jess Caro Fundraising

UPDATE: 20131204
Plans are in the works for our December 19th Opening ceremony of the BLT Weaving Centre with the RS group. We will also be giving out bicycles, chicken businesses and mosquito nets with the funds RS team members bring over.

RS has already supplied the funds for the looms, supplies and teachers for the first 3-month weaving course!!!

UPDATE: 20131207
Amazing effort by Jess Caro, from the 2011 RoundSquare team, who used his skydiving skills to raise funds for the current Weaving Centre project.

Jess's funds will pay the teacher's salary .well done!!!
UPDATE: 20131210
Day1 at the Weaving Centre site. All in the RS Group are happy with what they have achieved today: foundations almost complete!

Day 1 at the Weaving Centre

RSIS - DAY 3 of the Weaving Centre Build Project20131212 - RoundSquare Team - Day 3
A few days ago (late December), here in Cambodia, an Adult Leadership Training Team from roundsquare.org arrived to construct a cement structure weaving centre in rural Takeo province. The team of 23, under the leadership of Liz Gray and Rod Summerton hail from countries around the world including Canada, India, Jordan, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and the UK.

The team spent 2 days in intensive leadership training sessions and then hit the ground running on their project site.

By day three, the foundation and floor was poured and cement columns erected!

20131213 - Day 4
The team from Round Square enjoy a morning off from the construction site with a tour to the local market at Ang Raka, and then back to the house at the Brighter Beginnings School to cook up a menu of Banana Flower Salad, Fish Amok, Fried Frogs and Roasted Eggplant with Pork. Then - it's back to the Weaving Centre construction site which sees the walls go up and 4 windows and front door put in place. Project coordinated by aminefreeworld.org and banyanlearningtree.org.

20131215: UPDATE: Day 6 RSIS - Weaving Centre Build Project This video is taken on Day 6 of the construction of a Weaving Centre funded and constructed by the Round Square 2013 Cambodia Adult Leadership Training Team on location in rural Takeo Province, Cambodia www.roundsquare.org. It's the first day of set up and production!

The Leaders in Training group (from RSIS) have FINISHED BUILDING the Weaving Centre

RSIS - Weaving Centre Build Project COMPLETED 20131231 UPDATE:
Within 8 days, the international team of 22 adults participating in a Round Square Leadership Training Program, completed a weaving centre in rural Takeo, Cambodia. The weaving centre will benefit 6 rural women who will begin learning the skill of loom weaving in early January 2014.

The project, funded by roundsquare.org, included the building, fencing, a well, 3 looms, cupboards and supplies, instructor salaries (VIEW Teachers Funded - PDF), small orchard and the installation of electricity. At the Opening Ceremony, the team also donated 50 bicycles and mosquito nets to local children and 11 chicken-rearing businesses (VIEW recipients - PDF) to local impoverished families.

RSIS - Weaving Centre Build Project - Peter WillettView this GREAT video by RS team member, Peter Willett on the building of the White Dove Weaving Centre!

Thanks to Peter for sharing this with us!

MANY THANKS to Team leaders Liz Gray and Rod Summerton and their team of adults from Countries from around the world for providing this amazing effort!!

White Dove Weaving Centre NOW in OPERATION! Click here to follow the SIX women who are now learning the skill of loom weaving.

Project coordinated by aminefreeworld.org and banyanlearningtree.org

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