New Tuk Tuk, Phnom Penh
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New Tuk Tuk for Phnom Penh
November 15, 2012

As our Phnom Penh school is on the outskirts of the city there are students from the poor outlying villages who are unable to travel to our school.

We have now purchased a tuk tuk that will transport 20 students each trip and of course they're quite excited about the new mode of transport. We have 40 NEW students this week and the classes are buzzing.

There is no opportunity for children to learn English, use a library or receive basic computer training at the remote villages they come from, but here at the school, they can...and it's free. So, of course - there are many children that want to come. One village child tells another village child....

We want to give this opportunity to all these eager village children....we can, but it needs funding...especially for the gasoline. Presently, the teachers are driving the 'school bus' using a roster to drive the 30 mins each way to collect the students (we REALLY need to hire a driver).

Currently, up to 100 students attend the english and computer classes.

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