Heak Chhek's house burned to the ground - rebuilt
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Heak Chhek's House Burned to the Ground - Rebuilt
May 3, 2012

While attending Ban Ven's Agricultural & Chicken-Rearing Course in March 2012, Heak Chhek's house burned to the ground in a very desolate area of Takeo Province. He had just completed the construction of his home the month before and all the family had left were the cooking pots.

After the fire was put out, not much remained. Pieces of wood charred from the fire, are pulled away from the embers to be resued.

Three months later (June 2012), Heak Chhek's new home is beginning to take shape. The 4 other landmine survivors in his Agricultural Program assisted in the building of this elaborate home, THANKS to funds from the Rotary Club of Etobicoke.

The Heak Chhek burned house family finally have a new home! Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Etobicoke for sponsoring this project!

View photos of his house being rebuilt on our AMFWF Album

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