March 2012 Agricultural Project and Chicken-Rearing Program
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March 2012 Agricultural Project and Chicken-Rearing Program
March 3 - June 2012

5 Cambodian Landmine Survivors in rural Takeo province, Cambodia completed a 3-month training course in Chicken-rearing and agriculture that began in March 2012.

These five landmine survivors lived at the training farm and learned all aspects of chicken-rearing including innoculations, vaccinations, natural feed production,construction of a sanitary chicken house and incubation. While staying at the farm, the landmine survivors sleep inside the protective mosquito nets! View photos on pages 3/4 of the AMFWF gallery.

The families back home of the landmine survivors received rice while enrolled in the course. The five participants brought home their own constructed incubator, about 100 chicks each, and materials to build a coop.

They also were taught pesticide-free vegetable farming. (While in the Agricultural program the participants learned to grow Morning Glory, Chinese Cabbage, Lemon Grass, Chili Peppers, Stem Onion and Long Beans...Wow!) Learn more about these participants on our AMFWF Album

They now have taken this knowledge back to their homes where they are operating successful chicken rearing businesses, and have had resounding success in their Chicken-Raising and Vegetable Farming productivity.

This project was sponsored by the Canadian Landmine Foundation and conducted by AMFWF and Banyan Learning Tree.

UPDATE: December 2012

Visit 3 of these businesses in the photos and videos in this album taken during our "follow up" visit December 2, 2012.

View photos on our Picasa Web Album

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