Rosedale Fundraiser
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Seminar and Bridge Game Fundraiser
November 4, 2012

On November 4th, the beautiful Rosedale Golf Club in Toronto was the site for the third bridge day to raise money to re-build the school in Cambodia near Phnom Pehn.

Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee again co-chaired the event.

The first was held in Toronto on June 24th, raised $9,365.00. The second was held in Chatham on Saturday, August 27th, raised $5,500.00!

Bridge, coffee and cookies, and some great door prizes were the order of the day.

116 people attended and contributed very generously. Some even brought door prizes as well as money for the school. About 30 other folks, who could not attend, contributed as well. Over $11,500 was raised by this event.

Our thanks to the Rosedale Golf Club, to the contributors, and to all of the attendees who made this event so successful. Special thanks to Enid Roitman, for her unfailing support. What a wonderful fund raiser and MANY THANKS to the volunteers that made this possible!

August 27, 2012: 2nd Fundrasier
Chatham, Ontario was the location for a wonderful Bridge Fundraiser on Saturday, August 27th. This event raised over $5,500 to help build the Banyan Learning Tree School outside of Phnom Pehn! The first was held in Toronto on June 24th, raised $9,365.00. Their 3rd and final event is being held in Toronto, November 4th @ ROSEDALE GOLF CLUB.

The day consisted of a bridge seminar, a lunch, a bridge game, and lots of door prizes. 68 people played bridge that afternoon and almost all of them were able to attend the seminar in the morning. 1st FundraiserThe day was considered a big success from the attendees' perspective, as well as from the organizers' perspective. In fact, consideration is already underway to have a similar event next summer. The attendees were very generous with their donations. As well, over 20 other groups and individuals, who did not attend, also contributed generously to the school project.

As with the previous June Fundraiser, Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee organized the event. However, three people from Chatham really ensured the success of the event: Keith Dawson (a Rotarian) spearheaded the event locally, organizing the location, creating the advertising, and emailing many groups to obtain outside interest; Joanne Dawson organized the food and coffee and was instrumental in the setup of the room; and John Verkaik helped organize the food, arranged for some door prizes, and encouraged people to attend. These three individuals were tireless in their support and advice and Barbara and Patti could not have run the event without them! Thanks so much to all three!!!

June 2012: The 1st Fundraiser
Patti and Barbara are pleased to announce that their Cambodian Fundraiser Seminar & Bridge Game held on Thursday, June 14 in Toronto, so far has raised $17,670!!!

An anonymous donor matched the funds we had raised for that event and wrote us a cheque for $8,800.00. WOW.

Thanks to all of your contributions, the School is well underway and Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram attended the grand opening of the School on March 29th, 2012. View Photos

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