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August, 2016 - Did You Know...

We have approximately 540 students in the 4 schools.

There are 8 teachers.

This coming October, we have will have a part-time consultant who will work 1.5 days per week.

August, 2016 - Carl McCoy Pavilion

A new pavilion has been built at Chan Teap school in memory of CARL MCCOY (Husband of Lisa McCoy) Carl was very supportive of Lisa's work and due to his kindness she was able to dedicate much of her time to the projects in Cambodia for Banyan Learning Tree and A Mine Free World.

The pavilion creates shade for the students as well as a place to enjoy outdoor classes and other activities.

Our thanks to Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee for their funding.

April 29, 2016 - Another Successful Cambodian School Annual Fundraiser

Silent Auction Sponsors

Our annual fundraiser for Cambodia was held in Toronto on Friday, April 29th, 2016. To date we have raised $33,556.00!! Our silent auction was the best ever with over 150 items!!

A big thank you from Patti and I for your incredible generosity! It costs us $20,000.00 per year to sustain our four schools. In addition, we also have outreach programs for landmine survivors and their families.

It is also important that we build a "war chest" so that our schools can be sustained for some years after we are no longer able to do fundraising.

Our thanks to John Rayner for entertaining us and teaching us so that by this time next year, we will all be ready to represent our country!

Our thanks also to Enid Roitman who is our right arm at all times. She is so organized and her attention to detail is legendary.

So many of you helped but special thanks also to Ann Katz who came at the crack of dawn and helped us so much with set-up and put away.

Yours sincerely,
Barbara Seagram & Patti Lee

Barbara is heading back to Cambodia in March 2017!

Items included:
Print of Wolves
1 Week in France
Farmhouse in France
2016 Silent Auction Items

2016 Silent Auction Items

Enjoying a celebration for Khmer New Year.

20160416: Khmer New Year

The students at Banyan Learning Tree's schools, Phnom Sampov, Battambang enjoying a celebration for Khmer New Year.

The students enjoyed playing musical chairs, blowing up balloons, sack races, tug-o-war, and games with the clay pots, and of course lunch!!

Thanks to our wonderful teacher, Sokun, for the great photos and organizing the fun.

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Jan Gough-Watson back to share her vast experience

20160310: Jan Gough-Watson back to share her vast experience!!

It's been wonderful to have Jan Gough-Watson back to share her vast experience training our teacher Chamroeun at Tuol Sambo.

Phon Chamroeun, director and teacher at BLT, attended a 3 day training course with Bel Cambodia in Phnom Penh. He will share his new knowledge with the teachers at the 3 Takeo schools.

The students and teachers are doing well with the Bel Cambodia curriculum that was introduced by Andrea James last October.

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Enrolment - Chan Teap

20151113: Students Arrive at Chan Teap School

The interviews for students begin Mon., Nov. 2!!

Very excited children arrived at our new school this week. Chan Teap is a free English school, with one classroom and a library, for the village children living in this commune.

105 students were accepted for enrolment by teacher Phearom to begin classes this week.

We can increase student numbers when the library teacher commences in the next few weeks.

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New school - Chan Teap

20151028: Chan Teap School COMPLETED

The interviews for students begin Mon., Nov. 2!!

The new school construction at Chan Teap, Takeo Province started in July 2015.

The toilets and well are complete and the foundations prepared.

We look forward to introducing the village children to their NEW English School.

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2015 Cambodian Bridge Fundraiser Thank You

201509 - 4th Annual Cambodian Bridge Fundraiser a Success

Our 4th Annual Cambodia Fundraiser raised $5,233.00. We are really pleased.

Thanks to Linda Harrison, who never stopped for a moment and was unflappable as always. She is amazing and is such an excellent volunteer.

Our thanks as well to Carolyn and Karen, who were also wonderful. The silent auction went well, raising $978.00. Thank you too to all those who donated to our Silent Auction.

Approximately 100 people attended which was an excellent turnout.
All proceeds go to our four schools in Cambodia.

20150927 - Meet Our Teachers

Banyan Learning Tree Teachers

201509 - Prokeab School

Prokeab school is looking bright and cheerful with a new coat of paint. We have also constructed an outdoor shade area for the students to enjoy while waiting for class. This will also be used for outdoor lessons and meetings.

Prokeab School - New Coat of Paint / Shade Area

201509 - Volunteer, Andrea James Returns @ Takeo, Takev, Cambodia

Andrea James
Our teachers greatly benefited from the return visit of Andrea James to our schools. Andrea arranged the supply and printing of the BEL curriculum which was generously shared with us by VSO Cambodia. We were sorry to see her leave once again and wish her well on her next venture!

201507 - Volunteer, Andrea James was @ Angroka, Takeo Province

Andrea James
Andrea has been with the schools for the past month sharing her teacher training skills with our teachers. It's been wonderful for them to receive such specialised training to take forward and share with the students.

We thank you Andrea and look forward to your return!

20150504 - ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL FUND RAISER! We raised over $31,000.00!

Thank you so much to all of you who supported our fundraiser on Friday May 1st. There were many who were unable to attend but generously donated to our cause anyway. We are so very grateful to all of you.

Thank you also to Enid Roitman who is always there to help. Her organizational skills are legendary and there is no project too daunting for her.

Thank you also to John Rayner who gave us all a fabulous presentation on hand evaluation, bidding and defence. He is outstanding.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, who donated such amazing things for our silent auction. Please see the list of their names on our websites and please support them. They really deserve all of our support.

One more thank you: A huge thank you to Habonim Synagogue for donating the space for our fundraiser.

Habonim does such good work in the community and we are so grateful to them.

We raised over $31,000.00! That is an amazing number and we are over the moon about it!

In our very first year, we raised $8,800.00. Last year: $22,000.00 and the figure this year is staggering! We do need it as we have many projects ahead of us in Cambodia; these funds will be put to very good use helping us to ensure that the mothers, infants, and children receive the health care that they need and the education we would all wish for!

We cannot thank you enough, all of you. Those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

Yours sincerely,
Barbara Seagram & Patti Lee

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20150227 - Barbara Seagram, our wonderful supporter from The Bridge Club in Toronto, has been here for 10 days to visit all the projects they support.

We visited Prokeab and Bakot schools in Takeo and also Tuol Sambo, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

Banyan Learning Tree - Outpost School in Tuol Sambo village

Barbara had great fun, with the help of her friend Leslie Cadaeu, teaching classes and distributing toothbrushes and supplies to all the classes.

Barbara Seagram and Leslie Cadeau visit White Dove Weaving Centre
20150227 - Pauline and Lisa visited Dove Weaving Centre

... with Barbara Seagram and Leslie Cadeau from Toronto.

Our weavers are creating beautiful fine scarves in pure cotton.

The Centre teaches rural Cambodian women the art of hand loom weaving and provides them with a self-sustainable income. Continued...

Banyan Learning Tree Charity Draw - WINNERS
Posted: 20140115 - Banyan Learning Tree Charity Draw - Organized by Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee - WINNERS Continued...
RS Leaders in Training COMPLETE construction of the White Dove Weaving Centre
Posted: 20131231 - RS Leadership in Training Group COMPLETES building the White Dove Weaving Centre Continued...
Toronto Area Rotarians Visit Takeo
20131126 - A group of Toronto Area Rotarians came to Takeo to visit our projects sponsored by CLMF and AMFW. Continued...

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